Poolin’s Hashrate Auto Switch

At Poolin, we are always looking for innovative ways to increase the bottom-line of the miners that have placed trust in us. This auto-switch feature will automatically switch between bitcoin to bitcoin cash if the mining profit is higher in one or the other, this will lead to even higher profitability for our miners! Most importantly, Poolin will cover any potential loss in profits for miners that choose to use this feature! That’s right, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The auto-switch feature will soon be available for bitcoinSV as well.

What is Hashrate Auto Switch?

Hashrate auto switch feature can be applied to miners that mine different cryptocurrencies with the same algorithm. For example the coins BTC, BCH, BSV use the same SHA256 algorithm. The switch will automatically be applied by Poolin pool if and when one crypto has higher profit than the other. To be able to participate, our miners must switch this feature on.

Why Not Manual-Switch?

Manual-Switch Usually Fails to Help Customers Earn More Profit:

  1. The price of cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, BSV fluctuate constantly. It is difficult to time the market as swiftly as the prices change thus leading mostly to less profits down the line. Additionally, other mining pools and hash power brokerage companies may use automated switching spiking the hashrate and difficulty for a particular coin thus possibly removing any chance of higher profitability.
  2. Instant and exact reactions as well as locking of profits is required to gain higher profitability when switching between coins. Poolin mining pool auto-switch can both execute the switch swiftly and lock in profits effectively.

So why is auto-switch better?

  1. Auto-switch is used to switch hashrate to a higher-yielding cryptocurrency with the same algorithm in an automated way. Poolin can generally ensure higher profitability for our customers through a precise parameter design, more timely reward conversion and long-term debugging/testing.
  2. If and when a user activate this feature; Poolin will execute the auto switch feature according to real time mining profit of different cryptocurrencies. Customers will not be able to operate this feature manually.
  3. A BTC, BCH, BSV auto-switch feature will be available soon. Stay tuned!

How to Activate Hashrate Auto-Switch?

  1. Sign in to your Poolin account
  2. Click on Sub-account Manage
  3. Navigate to Settings
  4. Click on Hashrate Auto-Switch
  5. Activate and agree to the terms
  6. Done!

Settlement Information for Hashrate Auto Switch

  1. Settlement payments will be made once a week, 2:00–4:00 Monday UTC. The payment may be delayed a little bit for the first 2 to 3 weeks;
  2. Your Bitcoin mining profit will not be affected after activating the function as Poolin will cover any potential loss in profitability.
  3. We cannot 100% ensure you will gain extra profit. There are cases where we might incur losses with this feature. If so, Poolin.com will bear those losses and the amount we need to settle with you will be 0. If we made profit by doing so, we will share those profit with you.
  4. There will be a specific settlement bill on earning page worded “Auto Switch Profit”.

Please visit our FAQ for more information.

Happy mining!



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