Ethereum Payment Method Change

Poolin has adjusted Ethereum (ETH) payment method from PPS+ 3% to PPLNS 1%.

PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Share): Profits will be allocated based on the number of shares miners contribute. This kind of allocation method is closely related to the block mined out. If the mining pool excavates multiple blocks in a day, the miners will have a high profit; if the mining pool is not able to mine a block during the whole day, the miner’s profit during the whole day is zero.

In the short term, the PPLNS mode has a great relationship with the pool’s luck. It should be noted that miners joining a new PPLNS mining pool will find that the profits in the first few hours are relatively low. This is because other miners have contributed a lot of shares in this mining pool. The contribution of newly added miners is still very small, so the benefits of new miners are relatively low when paying dividends. This is because PPLNS has a certain lag inertia and periodicity. And the mining profits of the newly added miners will have a certain delay.

For more details on all our different payment methods, please visit What are PPS, PPLNS, PPS+, FPPS, SOLO?

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